Krallice -- Loüm


★★★☆ Interesting, jarring, alien… in other words, business as usual for this band. They’re playing around with unheralded tempo changes more this time than I recall in previous releases. If you ever find yourself missing Gorguts, Torrential Downpour, and Don Caballero at the same time, this is your jam!

Krallice -- Hyperion


★★★☆ Krallice’s style of prog-in-sludge’s-clothing metal is more cohesive and captivating on this EP than their previous album “Ygg Huur,” with hints of Thought Industry and ELP alongside more dominant strains of Agalloch and Pallbearer. I even got a whiff of Meshuggah’s “I” at times. It’s definitely an interesting set of tunes.

Krallice -- Ygg Huur

KralliceYgg Huur

These guys make Gorguts sound formulaic by comparison. The opening track’s sludgy twelve-tone serialism establishes an atmosphere of unpredictable chaos that carries through the rest of the album, but aside from that, there’s not much cohesion to it. The band’s performances are admirable to say the very least, and they’re very good at whatever the hell it is they’re doing on here.