Inferi -- Of Sunless Realms

InferiOf Sunless Realms

★★☆☆ An album length of 22 minutes might seem a little skimpy, but that doesn’t stop these tech death shredders from cramming an hour’s worth of riffs into it. It’s blistering fun at a million miles an hour, of course, but the listening experience is a little like doing shots; I can’t remember much after it’s all done, but I feel like I got hit by a truck anyway.

Inferi -- Revenant


★★★☆ Epic technical death metal that utterly shreds in the moment, but somewhat fails to stick in one’s memory. Also, it goes on and on and on. Still, it’s blistering and super impressive. These guys definitely put in the work (there’s probably something like a quarter million notes on this album, no exaggeration)!