Fit For An Autopsy -- Absolute Hope Absolute Hell

Fit For An AutopsyAbsolute Hope Absolute Hell

★★★☆ FFAA are an early candidate for Most Improved this year. Unlike their previously self-disinterested album Hellbound, this one most certainly has a plan for itself and for the listener. The opener takes a minute to get going, but that’s pretty much the only break you’re going to get. The rest is brutality, like a batshit insane cross between Gojira and Job For A Cowboy.

Fit For An Autopsy - Hellbound

Fit For An AutopsyHellbound

★★☆☆ This is a tricky album. On the one hand, it’s an excellent bit of metalcraft. On the other, it’s somehow existentially boring. There’s nothing I can put my finger on very easily… it just doesn’t seem very interested in itself, beyond the rote regurgitation of modern metal tropes. Perhaps the best response I can come up with for this album is, “Yep.