Powerflo -- Powerflo


★☆☆☆ The album opens up with the lyric, “…This is our time/the dawn of a new era.”  But the debut from this “supergroup” (featuring Biohazard’s Billy Graziadei, Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog, Fear Factory’s Christian Olde Wolbers, and Downset’s Roy Lozano) is in no way new.  In fact, it’s hard to not be cynical about this effort, which is a shame because there are interesting moments strewn about throughout this otherwise pervasive cacophony.

Fear Factory -- Genexus

Fear FactoryGenexus

Seeing as there’s a new Terminator movie in the theaters, it must be time for a new Fear Factory album. So what if there’s not a lot of evolution to the band’s sound; they got that out of the way with “Demanufacture.” And there are a few moments on here that inject new energy into the proceedings.