Exhumed -- Horror


★★☆☆ Feral as ever, Exhumed continues to distance themselves from their very Carcass-like beginnings while still holding true to the nasty aesthetic that the subgenre is known for. The riff salad that is this album however feels a little less inspired than previous works. Not the band’s best, but still rollicking good fun.

Exhumed -- Death Revenge

ExhumedDeath Revenge

★★★☆ Not quite as Carcassy as their previous effort, which is a good thing; this is still very much an alternate-universe grindcore album in the best tradition of Exhumed, but now with 25% more originality woven into the mix. In fact, there’s enough originality here that, somewhere around the third half of the album, one tends to forget that this sounded like anything other than a wholly original collection of shreddy tunes.