DragonForce -- Extreme Power Metal

DragonForceExtreme Power Metal

✦✦✧✧ Gods love DragonForce, who continue to hold down the fort for power metal with unwavering commitment and enthusiasm (hell, they put it in this album’s title!). As always, the latest DragonForce album just feels so damned good. The shredding is exactly as it should be: as ridiculously adroit as it is over the top.

DragonForce -- Maximum Overload

DragonForceMaximum Overload

★★★☆ This is step up from their previous album, “The Power Within,” largely in terms of composition. The blistering musicianship and polished production are as good as ever. There’s still an overall overfamiliarity to a good chunk of this music, like you’ve heard it before, in a way that doesn’t quite come across as homage.