Chelsea Wolfe -- Hiss Spun

Chelsea WolfeHiss Spun

★★★☆ The disjointed nature of Chelsea Wolfe’s previous album “Abyss” is better comingled here, undoubtedly thanks in some measure to the production guidance of Kurt “Not My First Rodeo” Ballou. The same disparate influences from last time are still here: Massive Attack, V.A.S.T., Chris Cornell, Tori Amos, Wolves In The Throne Room.

Chelsea Wolfe -- Abyss

Chelsea WolfeAbyss

There are two kinds of music on this album, both seemingly from a sleep-deprived night in a house much too big for comfort. The first type of music is fuzzy and bassy and sumptuous and perfectly disorienting, familiar with but still unlike Godspeed, Sleep, Russian Circles, V.A.S.T., and St.Vincent. That stuff is pure win, and a must-listen.