Carnifex -- World War X

CarnifexWorld War X

★★★☆ See, this is how you spring from a retro sound and make it fresh and fun! This epic tech-inspired deathcore album evokes comparisons with Fleshgod Apocalypse or Anaal Nathrakh more dependably than Thy Art Is Murder or Whitechapel, and this is a good thing. Oddly, the tracks with guest appearances by Alissa White-Gluz and Angel Vivaldi don’t add much; fortunately, the rest of the material stands on its own.

Carnifex - Die Without Hope

CarnifexDie Without Hope

★★☆☆ This album is caught halfway between deathgrind and technodeath, between sounding like The Black Dahlia Murder and The Acacia Strain. While that sounds great, the problem is that the shifts between modes happen too quickly to really seat the listener in either. It’s still a well-done bit of nastiness, though, with a nice assortment of riffs and leads.