CandlemassThe Door To Doom

✦✦✦✧ I can believable: 33 years after giving doom metal its name, Candlemass come back with an album every bit as menacing, gritty, and powerful as anything else in their catalog. Bringing back founding vocalist Johan Langquist is a winning touch, as is Tommy Iommi guest soloing on “Astorolus.” The album loses points for its buzzsaw production and luddite attitude to innovation, but these are meaningless quibbles in the face of a foregone classic.


Re: Re: The Arsies: A Reflection

I think there are actually two amazing things here:

1) “[Y]ou somehow have managed to avoid the calcification of musical tastes that is a basic biological fact of age. How did you do that?”  I agree, this is truly exceptional.  In case you want to know what the near opposite of what you have been able to achieve is, here is a list of the ten albums I have most recently purchased:

  • Candlemass — The Door to Doom
  • Dream Theater — Distance over Time
  • Overkill — The Wings of War
  • Visions of Atlantis — The Deep & The Dark Live @ Symphonic Metal Night
  • Avantasia — Moonglow
  • Beast in Black — From Hell with Love
  • Evergrey — The Atlantic
  • Within Temptation — Resist
  • Ancient Bards — Origine: The Black Crystal Sword Saga PT.
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