Body Count -- Bloodlust

Body CountBloodlust

★★★☆ This is a surprisingly fun time. As Ice-T says himself on “Raining Blood/Postmortem”, this is equal parts Sabbath, Suicidal, and Slayer. This isn’t going to move the needle in terms of metal evolution or anything, but that’s not why you listen to Body Count. You listen because you want to hear a bunch of homies from the hood throwing down some earnest hardcore and speed metal.

Body Count -- Manslaughter

Body CountManslaughter

★☆☆☆ Ugh. Every time this album gives you something likable, it turns around and forces two lamenesses down your thought. For example, “Pray For Death” is a pretty sweet chunky thrasher, but then you get to “99 Problems BC” (and how did Jay-Z allow this to happen)? Much as I want to go along with the Body Count party, this is more delusion than delight.