Author & Punisher -- Pressure Mine

Author & PunisherPressure Mine

★★☆☆ A surprisingly listenable EP from an artist who generally revels in artisanally industrial filth. But don’t worry; A&P’s brand of corroded doom is still in the mix, merely leavened. This reminds me of NIN’s song for the game Quake… or Fredrik Thordendal’s song for Wolfenstein: The New Order…  These are probably not favorable comparisons, but they accurately hint at a halfheartedness that dogs this release.

Author & Punisher -- Melk En Honing

Author & PunisherMelk En Honing

This latest album from Tristan Shone is dystopian in a way that most industrial acts only give lip service to, evocative of Skinny Puppy and NIN at Trent’s most experimental. It’s also awfully heavy, and yet manages to be catchy (just not in a Taylor Swift way). It’s perhaps one track too long for my tastes, but coming from someone with a documented distaste for the terminally slow, that’s saying a lot.