Architects -- All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us

ArchitectsAll Our Gods Have Abandoned Us

★★☆☆ This album is a vast improvement over the band’s previous album, “Lost Forever // Lost Together.” The excesses of that album have been reigned in, which alone is redemption enough. The production is also a notch better than last time, with the heavy parts really delivering. Admittedly, the cumulative effect can sound at times like a hybrid between TesseracT and Linkin Park.

Good Tiger -- A Head Full Of Moonlight

Good TigerA Head Full Of Moonlight

A stunning debut for a group of ex-members from The Safety Fire, The Faceless, Architects, and TesseracT. The first surprise is that the resulting sound doesn’t sound like a mishmash of styles culled from those other bands, or really even a mishmash at all. To be fair, you can hear elements of those bands in the music, but you’re more likely to be reminded of Tool, The Mars Volta, and Glassjaw.