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Right now, Metal Sucks is starting to run a series on undiscovered talent that has piqued their interest in 2014. I am honorbound to listen to nothing but Arsies contenders for the next little bit still, but I wonder if any of those unknown bands are in fact up and comers?

Also, the fact that we both still read metal mags probably precludes us from any claim at coolness. However, and this is a big “however,” we can buy our own alcohol. So we’ve got that much going for us.

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  • MisterWhiskey

    You read metal mags? I mean, seriously? Okay. Well that explains a few things.

    • arse

      Well, I’ve gotta get my list of First Listen candidates from SOMEWHERE.

      • MisterWhiskey

        Yes, the origin of the set is now explained. Are you still cutting out the gatefolds and hanging them up on walls?

        • arse

          What’s a “gate fold”?