Testament -- Brotherhood Of The Snake

TestamentBrotherhood Of The Snake

★★★☆ At first blush, this latest missive from Testicle is a slightly more polished retread of familiar Bay Area thrash territory. But it doesn’t take long into the first listen to realize that this is actually the sound of a band reinvigorated. Definitely the best thing that Testament has done in years (although the transition from Killer to Filler after track 6 could not be more obvious; skip that shit, unless you really, really want to voluntarily listen to a tune called “Canna-Business”).


Metal Kitty

I’ve gotta give Mike Portnoy props for doing this even remotely well, and for seeming to know a whole lot of other band’s tunes. Also, I’m totally into forcing bands who want to promote their new albums… into playing on preposterously shitty gear.