(Hed) p.e. -- Evolution

(Hed) p.e. — Evolution

☆☆☆☆ Let me be at least a little charitable: the sound quality on this album is quite nice. Otherwise, this is a curiously dispassionate rapcore recording, bereft of any excitement. If the band themselves can’t muster the enthusiasm and energy anywhere on the album, how can they expect me to feel any?

Incantation -- Dirges of Elysium

Incantation — Dirges of Elysium

☆☆☆☆ This is doggedly imperfect and retro death metal/grindcore, to the point of embarrassment. Seriously, the only allowable excuses for a roomful of disparate people thinking that releasing an album in this sad condition was acceptable would be:

  1. If none of them had heard even one heavy metal album recorded after 1986, or
  2. They were stoned immaculate.
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Skindred - Kill The Power

Skindred — Kill The Power

☆☆☆☆ This is an unholy amalgam of the worst parts of the worst things in music, equal parts David Draiman, Biohazard, dancehall, dubstep, and Kanye West at his laziest. Listening to this whole album was a true test of my fortitude, and I kinda hate you all a little more now for being even remotely complicit in my shame.