Re: Re: The Arsies: A Reflection

I think there are actually two amazing things here:

1) “[Y]ou somehow have managed to avoid the calcification of musical tastes that is a basic biological fact of age. How did you do that?”  I agree, this is truly exceptional.  In case you want to know what the near opposite of what you have been able to achieve is, here is a list of the ten albums I have most recently purchased:

  • Candlemass — The Door to Doom
  • Dream Theater – Distance over Time
  • Overkill – The Wings of War
  • Visions of Atlantis – The Deep & The Dark Live @ Symphonic Metal Night
  • Avantasia – Moonglow
  • Beast in Black – From Hell with Love
  • Evergrey – The Atlantic
  • Within Temptation – Resist
  • Ancient Bards – Origine: The Black Crystal Sword Saga PT.
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