Death Angel -- Humanicide

Death AngelHumanicide

★★☆☆ If you’ve ever listened to this band over the past 37 years, this album will not come as any great surprise. I wouldn’t even call it re-thrash, but that’s part of the band and album’s strength. The riffage and shredding are top-notch, although the songwriting only approaches greatness here and there.

Flub -- Flub


★★★☆ This debut album from tech death supergroup Flub (featuring members of Alterbeast, Rivers Of Nihil, and Vale Of Pnath) manages to tick every box your expectations may already have, while still hewing far from their more traditional roots. There’s an added lightheartedness that works well enough. Is this the perfect union of technicality and accessibility?

Ringworm -- Death Becomes My Voice

RingwormDeath Becomes My Voice

★★☆☆ A perfectly adequate and fun hardcore+ album, halfway between Converge and Slayer. It pairs well with an impromptu demolition derby, or anywhere that physical damage reigns supreme. Weird, however, that virtually every track feels a minute too long. But maybe that’s just because it all caves my chest in.

Eluveitie -- Ategnatos


★★☆☆ At its best, the music here is a perfect fusion of folk and metal, not merely folk-inspired metal or vice versa. Of course, an hourlong 16-track album all but guarantees that some songs don’t hit that ideal. Still, if you have to listen to folk metal, I recommend you listen to this one above most others.

Witherfall -- Vintage


★☆☆☆ "Vintage" is right; this album feels stuck in time, comprised of a lot of ill-fitting parts. The slop-like production only makes things worse, but the bigger problem is a poor sense of pacing, seemingly in service of mood but actually the album’s biggest enemy.

Destrage -- The Chosen One

DestrageThe Chosen One

★★★★ Once again, Destrage grace us with a wildly inventive collection of progressive metalcore songs. And yet, this EP is even more accessible and refined, for all its unpredictable craziness. It reminds of the best of Dillinger, Meshuggah, and Leprous: well-balanced, enthralling, energetic, and inhuman (even for all its listenability). A must-listen for sure, and the band’s best album.